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Filter Out Dirty Restaurants

With Restaurant Report, you decide which restaurants you want to see. Simply tell the app what grades you want to see from the choices: A, B, C, U/F. Once you select your choice(s), that’s all you’ll see in our search results. Don't want to see restaurants with bad grades. No problem.

Every Restaurant Here Is Safe To Eat At

Once you’ve selected your filtering options, you’re good to go. The app will remember your settings. Every single time you ever pick a restaurant from now on will be a safe choice. You can change your settings at any time but the point here is that you won’t have to.

Filter Website

See Current and Previous Inspections

Get trending data on each restaurant. Our detailed report cards will show you current and previous health inspections. We’ll also give you the details. This will give you a general idea of the restaurant's overall sanitary conditions.

Report To Local County health Department

If you see something or get sick from eating at a restaurant, you can report it to the local county right from the app.

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We are organizing 3,144 counties into one database.

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Filter Website

There are over 76 million cases of preventable food poisoning in the United States every year.

Restaurants cause about half of these.

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